"I hesitated to spend 95 for another DVD...I love Jeff's work but that's a lot of money for me...I'm so glad I did, it's worth every penny and more.  The production values are superb, not a false step anywhere, just about the time I'm wondering what part of the set up he's talking about a small inset shows up with that section and stays long enough to see what he's doing.  The bonus 4th disc is a lecture on a part of art seldom addressed outside a college classroom that can lift your whole idea of still life.  The multiple camera shots of the set up and the palette that show when he is painting certain areas are just right.  You can see what he does or what he's mixing but it's not interfering with the main shot. 
The pace is slow and unhurried so you can absorb what he's saying and doing...Sound quality is excellent on the demo (a bit of traffic noise only on the bonus disc which was an impromptu lecture by a retired philosophy prof who took the class.) The music is a bonus, a nice long passage of Beethovan, I tend to let the DVD play after it's over just to paint with the flow of music and atmosphere.  If I can't paint nice grapes after this, it won't be because Jeff Hid his secrets."


                                                                                     -Art Student


 " I have reviewed this film several times. So deep understanding the discipline and clear and simple explanation! Thank you, Jeff. Highly recommended."

                                                                    Evgeny  Kalinin - Russia

​​​​*Includes Bonus Disc by Professor Patrick McKee on "Art and The Sublime"


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"Light and Shadow"



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OPA Master painter Jeff Legg's latest 4 hour DVD set. 

Demonstrating his process from start to finish and explaining how to create a still life composition with depth, light and luminosity.  Jeff also "talks shop" about his choices of materials and techniques.


The Masters Easel